Granite tiles have sawn or split sides and treated surfaces. They are used for external paving and for the cladding of interior and exterior surfaces combined with other natural stones.
Le dimensioni sono:
15X30 - 25X50 - 30X60 - 40X80-
50X100 CM
2-3-6-8 CM a punta,bocciardata,
fiammata, lucida
incised, bush-hammered, flamed, shiny gespitzt, gehämmert, geflammt, poliert smillée, bouchardée, flammée et polie
segate o tranciate sawn or sheared gesägt oder gebrochen sciés ou clivés


The granite cubes are created by mechanical splitting and the various edges are not necessarily equal. Available in “salt-pepper”, red and yellow.
The cubes are of the following types:
4/6variable from 4 to 7 cmvariable from 4 to 6 cmapprox. 100 Kg/mqapprox. 290/300 mp.
6/8variable from 6 to 9 cmvariable from 5,5 to 8 cmapprox. 130-135 Kg/mqapprox. 155/160 mp.
8/10variable from 8 to 12 cmvariable from 7,5 to 11 cmapprox. 180-190 Kg/mqapprox. 95/100 mp.
10/12variable from 10 to 14 cmvariable from 10 to 13 cmapprox. 235-250 Kg/mqapprox. 63/67 mp.
12/14variable from 12 to 16 cmvariable from 12 to 15 cmapprox. 250-300 Kg/mqapprox. 44/47 mp.
14/18variable from 14 to 20 cmvariable from 14 to 20 cmapprox. 300-350 Kg/mqapprox. 27/31 mp.

Paving Blocks

The granite paving blocks are used for containment and delimitation of paving The blocks are roughly parallelepiped-shaped. They are available with split, sawn and bush-hammered surfaces.
The sizes are:
10x10x20 10 cm 20 cm12 cmca. 40 Kg/ml.
12x12x2412 cm 24 cm12 cmca. 60 Kg/ml

Kerb Stones

Kerb stones are used for pedestrian areas, flowerbeds, flights of steps and stairs and for the delimitation of surfaces and paving. The most common finishes are mid-sized incisions, sawn or bush-hammered. Standard sizes are: 100x25x8, 100x25x10, 100x25x12, 100x25x14. Other sizes and surface treatments are available upon request.